terra subcutanea


Andrea Kopecka, MA, graduated from the 4th Studio of the Department of Painting and Other Media at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her graduation thesis “Terra Subcutanea” represents the peak of her work history. It was performed as a set of large scale canvas paintings, showing masterful work with the topic of the body, as well as with the form of visual display, and last but not least with the very means of painting process.  In her thesis the artist is mapping relationship between displayed human figure, layering and texture, expressed in sensuousness, integrity of monochrome and chiaroscuro and this compact series of paintings reflects her advanced/accomplished author’s style and certainty in expression. Expected psychological effect, or emotional experience of suggestive painting is underlined in this compact set of paintings. She works with an idea to accept sort of a tattoo style, as a new element on a scene of fine art.

The author’s portfolio also shows previous development within this set, as well as her previous themes. From our point of view her progress is obvious in her aim and in her open attitude towards new visions in a corresponding sensual way.